Boxed Love

We create these beautiful rose boxes ourselves by hand with lots of love.

The gorgeous large box is made up of 14 real eternal roses. The sublime little box is made up of 4 real eternal roses.

Offer eternal love. Our roses last for many years.

Our roses are available in red and pink. Champagne (peach) color will be available soon.

Eternal roses last for years without the need for water.

With our rose boxes, you give a bouquet that is both beautiful, long-lasting and environmentally friendly because it will never need to be watered.

Large box of eternal roses mesure 20cmx18,5cm = 89€

Small box of eternal roses mesure 14cmx10cm = 49€

Ask for your box when you book for a Wow effect in your room when you arrive.

Ask for your box during your stay or after your departure (we deliver throughout Europe).

Treat yourself to a beautiful romantic night in our pretty hotel in Berny ****ROMANTIC SETTINGS